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How to find the best axes from Fiskars

Fiskars Axe

The Fiskars Corporation is not a “Johnny come lately.”  It was formed in 1649 at the little village of Fiskars Bruk about 60 miles west of modern day Helsinki, Finland .  The company was started by a Dutchman named Peter Thorwöste who set up a forge in the small village to produce pig iron for conversion into wrought iron for product manufacturing which eventually led to production of the famous Fiskars Axe.  In the beginning the company produced such things as metal reinforced wheels from wrought iron, wire, hoes and nails.

The company was in the right place at the right time and expanded its product lines with axes, knives, agricultural machinery, household utensils, steam engines and scissors as the industrial revolution swept across Europe.  Fiskars was on the leading edge of innovation in developing new products and established itself as a leading producer of metal products.  Today its largest division is Fiskars Brands headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Axes produced by Fiskars enjoys a well deserved excellent reputation because of its insistence on quality in its production processes.  The company produces a full line of axes ranging from small camping hatchets up through full sized axes that are suitable for any heavy duty work.

Fiskars axes are made in Finland by expert craftsmen.  The X-Series Axes earned the right to display the international red dot symbol after they were selected as the “best of the best” for the garden category in 2010 for outstanding quality.  Their axes are specifically designed to be effective and functional with a simple design that insures more work gets done quickly.

Their X-Series Axes are a perfect combination of advanced blade geometry, ideal weight distribution and exceedingly sharp edges all put together in a nearly indestructible design that will drastically increase chopping performance with less effort.

Butch from Ohio said this about Fiskars Axes:

“I do like the quality of Fiskars stuff and since they don't make a 8 lb maul I bought one of those #7854 Super splitting axes yesterday. I can sum it up in one word, WOW.”

There are two types of  X-Series Axes, splitting and chopping.  It is important to use the right type for the right job to make the most of its usefulness.


Chopping is the process of cutting a horizontal target where force is delivered in a downward stroke with the axe or hatchet.  This means the tree is already cut down and you want to divide it into smaller sections.

Fiskars chopping axes range from the small X5 Hatchet for smaller cutting jobs all the way up to the X15 Chopping Axe for the bigger jobs.  All of these axes have that combination of extra-sharp edge, perfect weight distribution and advanced blade geometry that will insure the blade penetrates the wood three times deeper which means the chopping will be done quicker with less effort.


Splitting is cutting a log in a vertical position with a single down stroke of the axe.  Fiskars Splitting Axes enable more splits with fewer hits with the same qualities of all their axes:  super-sharp edges, perfect weight distribution and advanced blade geometry built into and indestructible piece of equipment.  These features enable more wood to be split in less time with less effort and hand stress.

Fiskars offer a wide variety of splitting axes ranging in size from the X11for small jobs up to the X27 that make splitting bigger logs easier than ever.  Abraham Lincoln would have loved this model.