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Fiskars Car

As gas prices steadily increase electric cars are becoming ever more accepted and admired. There are several popular models to choose from which include, the Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Volt, the Tesla, the ZAP and a the fabulous Fiskars Karma.

Fiskars is not the typical car company, but their Karma is king in electronic performance, outdoing even the Tesla. Tests have shown the Fiskars' two-door luxury all-electric will get 220-mph at the top end with superior equipment technology.

The Karma gives you a luxury car with an extended range. It handles well with great torque. You can go far distances as well as short distances and depending on your use pattern you may not have to drive on gas at all.

It gives you great flexibility. If you use it as your daily driver for Monday through Friday, you can drive it pollution free, guilt free, and it is one hundred percent electric. If you want to use it to go on a long trip you have the flexibility to use gas when you need it. There are cars that are faster but you will not have the combination of all those things and the emotional connection.

The Karma is a case in point that shows that you don’t have to sacrifice for substance. People are more eco conscious now than ever in the history of cars. There are very few cars out there that make the statement that Karma makes. It is one of the most efficient cars on the road.

There is plenty of power to use without changing gears; all you need to do is just push the accelerator down and off you go in traveling bliss.

Fiskars Karma has the fusion of absolute beauty and pure progressive engineering that blend in paving the way for the future.

There are green cars and there are luxury cars and the two have never overlapped until the Karma which is environmentally responsible and aesthetically appealing. It is sophisticated without being overindulgent.

Fiskars is truly getting everything right in building cars. Their Karma puts 403 horsepower to the rear wheels. It has a staggering 959 ft-lbs of torque which propels it from zero to 60 mph in only 6.3 seconds. It has all of this while achieving an impressive high EPA rating of 54 MPG and an equally impressive low CO2 emission of 188g/mile. It is a win, win situation when buying the Fiskars Karma.